~ François Lemoyne ~ French artist, 1699 - 1737

Sleeping Love

Artist  François Lemoyne
Paris, 1688 - June 4, 1737, Paris


Allegory Of Painting
Adam And Eve

Cephalus and Aurora


Diana And Callisto

Diana Returning From The Hunt

Genius Of Music

Hercules and Omphale

Jupiter And Io

La Toilette de Venus

L'apothéose d'Hercule

Latona And The Peasants Of Lycia

Messengers Of Godfrey Of Bouillon In Gardens Of Armida

Narcissus, 1728

Perseus And Andromeda

Pygmalion Seeing His Statue Come To Life

The Bather

Time Saving Truth From Falsehood And Envy

Triumph Of Venus

Venus And Adonis

Amor And Psyche

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