~ Feng Chang Jiang ~

Artist Feng Chang Jiang 
Xian Henan Province, 1943

Feng Chang Jiang is now a member of the Chinese Artists Association and the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association. He has also been the Dean of Shanxi Art Institute. He developed an interest in painting in his youth and taught himself to be an artist. In 1974, Feng followed the famous painter as well as art historian, Mr Pan Jiezi, to study traditional heavy-color meticulous brushwork painting and the replication of ancient frescoes. Having spent a great amount of time at Yong-le Palace (Rui city), Qing-long Temple (Jie-shan County), Fan-zhi Rock, Kai-hua Temple (Gao-ping), and Lou-rui Tomb (Tai-yuan), Feng has benefited abundantly in his artistic development and founded a solid foundation for his later artistic style.

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