~ Marcos Rodrigo ~

Artist Marcos Rodrigo
Vieille Castille, Spain, 1957

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Marcos Rodrigo Impressionist Figurative painter born in Old Castile in Spain, hosted by France in 1961, in a wonderful little town Lotois.
" I spent my childhood among the old stones and smells of the season. Initiated by my father, I learned to carve wood and stone. My mother and my two older sisters treat with tenderness and abrasions on the fingers blows. With bits of colored wool and pretty fabrics bought at the market they give shape to the clothes I invented on my "notebooks drafts." Resident from goal tenth year in the college town of a neighbor, J'APPRENDS loneliness and promiscuity. On my first Cansons, I draw from my village buildings, made ​​of rock and red earth, if they transform playground at the end of the week. Avid reader and visual arts, the desire to create is affirmed. We are in winter of 1979 I blend with fingers features of a face. My first portrait of a lady the east. Young adult I discovered painting master in visiting many of our finest museums and galleries of Europe. Beauty Italian Madonnas, impressionist atmospheres of the School of Paris, subtle compositions of Spanish masters, and finally Force and German Expressionists sensuality enthrall me. Early 90s returning from a journey, full head of color, I make my first oils on canvas."

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