~ Carlos Ospina Ortiz ~

Artist Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz 
Venadillo-Tolima, Colombia, 1963

Born in 1963 in the tropical and mountainous Venadillo-Tolima (Colombia), the young artist Juan Carlos Ospina introduces his art whilst in Spain, although he was backed by multiple exhibitions that traveled from his native country through cities as distinctive as Miami, París and Madrid. Closely linked since his beginnings in Spain to the prestigious Cartel Gallery, with branches in Málaga and Granada, he studied quite some time with the famous Chilean artist Muñóz Vera, one of the most reputable artists residing in Spain at the end of this century. Those courses, above all of techniques, are apparent in a large section of his creativity. On the one hand he recalls a century (the 17th), with his methodical and well-balanced almost ascetic still-lifes and also artists such as Zubarán or Sánchez Cotán, who were able to pass on a deep love and feeling for the realm of trivia through their still-life work, like nobody else could. Objects were looked upon until that But on the other hand the painter from Tolima has managed to forge a place, without preconceptions, next to the most incipient Modernism, although tinged by what we would call a timeless Classicism. His canvases and subjects treated therein are conceived stemming from an absolute reality, but it is a reality beyond its own limits, which is able to reach its greatest depths and subsequently become conscious of it. Juan Carlos Ospina, in the bloom of his youth, is managing to break into a very difficult field; his realism is a full and blatant simile though surrounded by an unreal, sensual and disturbing halo.

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